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Tea for Two at RoyalTea on King

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Roberta from RoyalTea on King may be new to Downtown Midland, but her passion for reinvigorating local business is a breath of fresh air. When Roberta contacted me in mid-September to propose the idea of a "Flavours of the Lake Country" style program here in the Heart of Georgian Bay, I was immediately on board.

Fast-forward one month, and we have over 20 participants in a fantastic pilot program that supports our local businesses AND provides a great deal for locals and visitors alike.

Tea Pairing with Nibbles & Mini-Afternoon Tea

I was able to experience RoyalTea on King's offering firsthand this week.

I invited my mom (because a mother-daughter date SHOULD be held in a tea room!) and we downloaded our Taste vouchers. Booking our reservation was easily done via email.

We were seated at an antique table in a nicely decorated dining room, evocative of spending time at your favourite grandmother's home.

The Mini-Afternoon Tea comes with a choice of tea. Roberta brought out 5 Pluck tea sample boxes for us to make a choice. Mom chose Earl Grey Cream.

The mini-afternoon tea comes with a choice of soup or sandwich, within which are offered a large range of gluten-free options as well as a sweet. We opted to add the scone and clotted cream for an additional $5.00.

The Tea Pairing is designed to work best with 3 pre-chosen teas (Canoe Lake Blend, Rhubarb Ginger Tea and Georgian Bay Blend - it IS the Taste of the Heart of Georgian Bay, after all), but Roberta is very flexible and you can make substitutions if preferred.

The sandwich we chose today was turkey on multi-grain rye with sliced local apple, cheese and lettuce. It was a flavourful sandwich using local ingredients where possible - delicious!

The nibbles that go with the Tea Pairing were brought out right away on a beautiful wooden serving platter and included: - Tesco Cream Cracker (from the UK)

- a wedge of smoked gouda sheep's cheese from local artisan Say Cheese

- Mrs. Darlington's Real Ale Chutney

- pickled walnut and onion

- bite of summer sausage from a local artisan

Also on the platter was a dark orange and chocolate biscuit, and a pumpkin scone (but Roberta may change up the presentation of this in the future, bringing out the sweet and the scone with your second and third tea pairings, respectively).

The second course in the mini-afternoon tea was a scone (choice of regular, gluten-free, pumpkin spice or raspberry). Mom chose the pumpkin scone which we enjoyed with made-in-house clotted cream and strawberry jam. Their clotted cream is THE BEST. It is also a secret recipe, so don't be surprised when Roberta says she is not able to share it with you!

If you look closely at the picture of the scone you may be able to see a few bites taken out of the backside - we were so excited to taste it, we MAY have forgotten to take a picture of the scone when it first came out! Oops.

The final course in the mini-afternoon tea was a sweet. The sweet may vary from day to day and we received an apple-date square that was huge! Full disclosure, both mom and I had to run for meetings at this point, so Roberta gladly packaged it up for us to take with us.

As a quaint touch, our bill was delivered in an old Coat-of-Arms reference book.

Things to Note:

We were at the tea room for 90 minutes. Next time we book for an afternoon tea, we will give ourselves at least 2 hours to fully experience this event.

Why Should you Check This Out?

Afternoon Tea may be a nostalgic idea, but Roberta and her team at RoyalTea on King have revamped it enough to make this an experience to remember. Make sure you leave a little time to browse the extensive retail store located at the front of the tea room filled with all your UK grocery favourites, incredible Irish knits and a charming Harry Potter section.

More Blogs Coming your Way

In the next few days, we are excited to release more firsthand-account blogs from locals who we have asked to try out the Taste/Shop/Experience offerings and share their experiences with you.

We hope this gives you an insight into what you can expect from some of our participants and maybe even inspire you to head out and take part.

Melissa Elsdon

Tourism Coordinator

Heart of Georgian Bay

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